TESDA-LGU Partnership

The local government unit of San Jose and TESDA are partnering to conduct skills training designed for all out-of-school youth and other interested residents of the town. The said training will start this month of September.

Mayor Chavez said that TESDA and LGU San Jose has already allocated the amount of P0.6 M to pursue the skills training program for 100 prospective students which covers particularly the TESDA-based training for Computer Hardware Servicing, Consumer Electronics, Bookkeeping, and Housekeeping.

The mayor explained that only 25 trainees for each of the courses to cover the total number of 400 hours as mandatory requirement for each trainee in order to graduate to the said courses. He further explained that TESDA has allocated a ₱0.5 Million budget while the LGU San Jose has also appropriated the counterpart amount of ₱0.1 Million.

In 2013, a total of 44 students graduated in the same skills training program: 21 for Automotive Servicing-NCII and 23 for skills in Electrical Installations and Maintenance-NCII. Of the graduates, 17 were immediately absorbed and get employed by the companies where they had their OJT training.