The San Jose Municipal Police Station under the leadership of Police Senior Inspector Bernardo PeƱero recently conducted a meeting and two-hour re-orientation seminar to all padyak drivers and operators of San Jose at the San Jose Sports and Cultural Complex. The activity was conducted with a short program. SPO4 Jaime C. Bruzo, Deputy Chief of Police delivered an opening remarks followed by a short message from Mayor Antonio B. Chavez.

Mayor Chavez mayor stressed that each padyak unit need to install reflectorized stickers for their own safety while on the road. This is one of the preventive measures that had long been recommended by the police officers. He also promised to the padyak drivers that there would be provisions of uniforms bearing numbers which would automatically identify them. He said that after the meeting, one of his staff will have to take their individual pictures for the ID cards.

Likewise, Mayor Chavez also stated the reasons why he did not require each padyak driver to secure Mayor’s Permit. He said that LGU-San Jose is the only local government in Partido that does not impose permit for all padyak operators/drivers. This is so purposely as a token of help and assistance only to sustain their livelihood. The only thing that he requires for them to do is to obey traffic rules and always observe at all times their personal safety and security as well of their passengers.

On the part of the PNP, SPO2 Junar Rodriguez conducted a short lecture on traffic laws and violations. He strongly reiterated the commitment and encouragement of Mayor Chavez with regard to the installation of reflectorized stickers for each padyak unit. He also emphasized three important things, to wit: Personal Grooming, Follow Traffic Rules as well as help and assistance in the maintenance of the Peace and Order situation of the town. Likewise, he also encouraged the participants to use their cellphones in relaying important information about certain petty crimes and lawlessness being committed by only a few. He encouraged the participants to do good always.

After the short lecture, PO1 Noe Paterno had a short closing remarks followed by the individualized picture taking for the ID cards that will be issued by Office of the Mayor. The activity which started at around 1:30 PM ended at 3:45 PM.