A total of 23 priority projects with an appropriation of ₱4.9 Million plus the KALAHI and BUB counterpart worth ₱900,000 were recently approved by the Municipal Development Council of San Jose in a meeting held at the Municipal Hall.

The Council meeting presided over by Mayor Antonio B. Chavez approved Resolution No. 15-02 S-2015 appropriating a total of ₱5.8 Million for the 2015 Supplemental Budget of the Municipality of San Jose. Accordingly, the amount was sourced out from the surpluses realized in 2013 and 2014 as well as the 2013 Continuing Appropriation.

The list of projects where the said amount will be utilized include: Riprapping of roadside and concreting of road shoulder in Bongliw, Pugay; Repair of drainage cross pipes in Mampirao; Construction of multi-purpose pavements in Calalahan and Salogon; Improvement of multi-purpose building in Dolo and Pugay; Repair and improvement of comfort room-Cultural Center in San Juan; Road opening in Sitio Cayagon, Camagong; Repair, Maintenance and Improvement of Facilities of Public Market in Boclod and Municipal Port in Sitio Talisay, Dolo; Construction of multi-purpose building (bodega) in Sitio Talisay, Dolo; Drainage Improvement (cover) in San Juan; Concreting of barangay road in Mampirao; Construction of Water System (free flowing) in Calawit, Mampirao and Bahay; Improvement of multi-purpose building (stage) and barangay road (slope protection) in Minoro; Concreting of barangay road in Bagacay; Improvement of covered court in (stage and entrance gate) in Tagas; road widening in Soledad; Repair of multi-purpose building in Manzana; and Construction of multi-purpose building in Salogon.

It was also explained that the LGU is mandated to provide an equivalent of 10% of its Local Development Fund in order to be qualified to implement the Bottoms-up Budgeting projects hence the allocation of ₱1.0 Million.