1st farmers graduation

The Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center 5 of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 5 in partnership with the Municipal Agriculture Office of the Local Government of San Jose and Barangay Council of Boclod held its 1st Graduation Ceremony of the Season-Long Enhanced Climate Field School of Rice Production-Cum Climate Change Adaptation Technologies last December 4, 2014 at the Market Site in Barangay Boclod, San Jose, Camarines Sur.

A total of 30 basic farmers who are mostly residents of Barangay Boclod underwent the 24 weeks of training and workshops from June 30-December 4, 2014 which is a project support of the Rice Sufficiency Goal of Agri-Pinoy Rice Program. The farmers were trained on how to use indigenous materials in making pesticides and organic fertilizers and employ in actual farming applications as part of their workshops. In his short talk, Municipal Agriculturist Mr. Adolfo C. Bruzo encouraged the graduates to become disciples in applying the methodologies they learned from their 5-month training of the climate change adaptation technologies starting from land preparation until harvest time. They should be models of other farmers and at least competitive with other bigtime farmers, he stressed.

Mayor Antonio B. Chavez also spoke about the many agricultural programs that his administration has been undertaking. He said that the graduation ceremony is the first in San Jose and in fact, in Camarines Sur as well. He also emphasized his most desire and vision of making San Jose as a certified seeds-producing municipality and the preparations are still on-going and hopefully the project will be realized by 2015 or 2016. He said that he is aware of the different plights of the many farmers and he intends to help and assist them in increasing their production and eventually their income.

For her part as the guest speaker, Ms. Vivien Carable, Senior Agriculturist and Chief, Training Services of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) express her gratitude to the full support that LGU-San Jose under the administration of Mayor Chavez and especially to the Municipal Agriculture Office facilitators and Techno-Demo Extension Workers, namely: Adolfo C. Bruzo, Jose G. Pollero, George F. Hufancia, Aira S. Tagle, She further said that one of the ATI’s thrust is on the ASEAN Integration in 2015 that would eventually allow products produced from other countries coming in to the domestic markets of the Philippines; and with this training, these farmers would have a better advantage of competing with other countries’ products. She said that the graduates are now equipped with sufficient knowledge on how to get rid of chemical fertilizers and instead engage in organic farming.

The graduates are as follows: Jose P. Agnas, Jose P. Alio, Alberto P. Binas, Ariel R. Buenafrancisca, Geronimo C. Curba, Jayson P. Curba, Oscar C. Curva, Joel P. Del Valle, Percy M. Garado, Edwin C. Obias, Elmer P. Obias, Valentin P. Panuelos, Romar D. Pilapil, Francisco O. Primavera Jr., Avencio L. Puri, Gomersindo B. Realda, Jose P. Relloso, Salvador P. Respeto Jr., Teodora P. Amata, Lourdes V. Cea, Amelia V. Delos Santos, Herminia P. Enon, Rowena V. Luzada, Grace A. Mapa, Antonia P. Obias, Visitacion M. Pacamarra, Grace P. Pesimo, Teresita C. Perdon, Maribel S. Pillos, and Celeste P. Prado.

The officers of the Enhanced Climate Field School are as follows: Elmer P. Obias-President, Maribel S. Pillos-Vice President, Rowena V. Luzada-Secretary, Delia A. Nabus-Treasurer, Visitacion M. Pacamarra-Auditor, Jose P. Alio-PIO, Salvador Respecto Jr and Celeste P. Prado-Business Managers, and Avencio Puri and Francisco Primavera-Sergeant-at-Arms and Romar D. Pilapil-Farmer Cooperator.