The  LGU ensure equity and quality health for San Jose through collaboration with other health sectors and partners.




Healthy productive San Joseans accessing and sustaining an essential health care system.




To formulate programs, plans, strategies, policies and projects on health matters and to promote the health of constituents of the local government.




To reduce the mortality and morbidity cases of the municipality




  • Administrative functions for the implementation of various health services and health development programs.
  • Expanded program on immunization activities.
  • Advocacy thru linkage with community and other organizations.
  • Secure assistance from the LCE for the procurement of medical supplies and equipments.
  • Establish immunization activities to barangays.
  • Data collecting report
  • Intensify regular monitoring and supervisory
  • Conduct operation timbang
  • Implement nutrition program
  • Identify malnourish children
  • Identify high risk married women for motivation
  • Provide lectures about family planning
  • Maintain safe level of contraceptive at all times
  • Conduct responsible parenthood seminars for selected couples
  • Conduct pre-marriage counseling about family planning
  • Manage the procedure for case finding activities
  • Facilitate requisition and distribution of drugs and other NTO supplies
  • Maintain and update the TB register
  • Provide continuous health education to all TB patients placed under treatment and encourage family planning participation in TB control
  • Perform basic screening procedures for CVD such as BP screening and history taking
  • Educate clients on healthy lifestyle and risk factors information needed for early detection of disease
  • Conduct pap smear examination for cervical cancer detection and breast examination for women of reproductive age
  • Maternal and child nursing
  • Conduct pre-natal consultation and post natal home visits
  • Identify IT immunization status
  • Inspects food establishment
  • Disinfects water supply
  • Eliminates breeding places of insects
  • Implement health education related to environmental sanitation program
  • Store sputum smears to allow sampling by the provincial NTP coordinator for binded rechecking as part of the external quality assessment
  • Perform other clinical laboratory such as urinalysis and blood chemistry
  • Perform new born screening for 1-3 day old babies
  • Participate in medical and dental missions to different barangays in the municipality
  • Initiaites and participates in the developmental health programs to safeguard oral health of children and adults
  • Conduct health education on the prevention of disease