1. Exercise general supervision and control of all programs and activities of the municipal government.
  2. Enforce all laws and ordinances pertinent to the effective governance of the municipality




  1. Formulates policy guidelines relative to the efficient and effective implementation of all programs, projects and activities of the municipal government and shall be responsible to the Sangguniang Bayan.
  2. Delivers public assistance to all marginalized constituents, farmers, fisherfolks, disadvantage women, disables and elderly folks.
  3. Provide consultative services to all Punong Barangays on local governance.




  1. Administrative functions for general supervision of local activities
  2. Appoint an officials and employees whose salaries/wages are wholly or mainly paid out of municipal funds
  3. Approved all disbursements, carry out such emergency measures as may be necessary during and in the aftermath of man made and natural disasters and calamities.
  4. Visit barangays of the municipality.
  5. Act on leave applications of officials and employees appointed by him and commutation of monetary value of leave credits according to law.
  6. Authorized official trips outside of the municipality of municipal officials and employees.
  7. Enforce all laws and ordinances relative to the governance of the municipality and the exercise of its corporate powers.