In a general assembly of 173 Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) held last December 11, 2014, Mayor Antonio B. Chavez expressly affirms his commitment of PhilHealth coverage for all BHWs by 2015. This was announced during the Municipal Health Summit held on the first week of December this year.

In an inspirational message, he said that by 2015, he will personally see to it that all barangay health workers will be covered by PhilHealth. He is also formally announcing his executive action of requesting the Sangguaniang Bayan to legislate an ordinance that will regulate the recruitment and hiring of barangay health workers.

This will be so in order to give guidelines or a system that the barangay officials should follow, particularly those newly elected, that they should affirm the retention of BHWs who were costly trained by the LGU for such work and their services should not be terminated by unjust reasons or by whims or caprices only of the barangay officials concern. This was immediately acknowledged by the BHWs who gladly welcomed it with an applause.

He likewise announced that his San Jose Skills Development and Employment Program has been ongoing on the basis of the principle, “We Educate, We Train, We Employ.” He said that just recently a factory in Laguna is requesting around 100 factory workers for immediate employment.

He stressed that during his administration, he will try to eradicate unemployment believing that when the people are employed, they will be happy and ultimately they will prosper.

Mayor Chavez also reiterated his commitment to continue his free services in all aspects that will transcend beyond party affiliations to make the programs and project successful. He encouraged the BHWs by saying that they will serve the people, they should not to look at party affiliations or even those that did not vote to a particular candidate, but instead upheld the call of their tasks and duties in serving the whole community of people.

The assembly also highlighted the conduct of raffle draws and winners were issued claim stubs for their individual prizes. While this raffle was going on, the singing of birthday song was initiated to the delight of the Mayor. It was followed by snacks and the distribution of food reliefs to the BHWs.