Mayor Antonio B. Chavez urges the 2015 graduates of San Jose National High School (SJHS) to pursue their studies in college, even as he advices their parents to patiently guide and support them in their quest for higher education.

This appeal was made during the l5th Commencement program of said school last Friday, March 27, 2015 where the local chief executive of San Jose was the guest speaker.

Mayor Chavez challenged the graduates to brush aside any obstacles that may arise on the way and steadily navigate the right direction towards the acquisition of higher education. He said that he knew that the main obstacle that both parents and students encounter is poverty but this could be overcome by hard work and perseverance. He stressed that even himself endured the same hardship from elementary through high school and college. He did not yield to too many easy enticement of discontinuing his studies but instead persevered and finished his studies, and then finally savored the sweet flavor of successes.

Mayor Chavez further emphasize that the national government and the subsequent cooperation of the local government units are in partnership with each other in educating the Filipino children by granting scholarships in college and even post graduate studies.

He revealed that Republic Act No. 10648 now known as the Iskolar ng Bayan law was just recently approved. It grants full scholarships to the top ten graduate students of public high schools who will pursue their tertiary education to any state universities and colleges (SUCs) in the region where they graduated. In the next six (6) years, the registration to any SUCs within the region will be automatic. All that the high school graduate has to do is to bring the necessary credentials to avail the said scholarship grant.

Meanwhile, Mayor Chavez said that the local government unit under his administration is also giving scholarships to all poor but deserving students. In fact, hundreds of students have already graduated under the LGU scholarship since his assumption as the local chief executive more than four years ago.