LCR Organizational Chart

About  the  Department

Civil Registration is the continuous, permanent and compulsory recording  in appropriate registers of all vital events in the life of an individual such as BIRTH, MARRIAGE, DEATH as well as all decrees, legal instruments and judicial orders affecting his civil status.

The Civil Registry Law (Act 3753) mandates the registration in appropriate REGISTRY BOOKS of all facts and acts concerning the civil status of the person from Birth to Death  and all modifications thereof occurring in a persons’ lifetime.

The Civil Registry Documents are used to establish the occurrence of an event, to provide “prima facie” evidence of the facts surrounding the event, and trace ones lineage.


    1.   Registration of Birth
    2.   Registration of Death/Feotal Death
    3.   Registration of Marriage
    4.   Registration of Foundling
    5.   Registration of Court Orders
    6.   Registration of Legal Instruments
    7.   Registration of Application for Marriage License
  • Administration of RA 9048,RA 9255, RA 10172 and other Civil Registry Law
  • Administration of Oaths
  • Issuance of Certifications: Form 1A(Birth Available),Form 1B(Birth Not Available), Form 1C(Birth Destroyed, Form 2A(Death Available), Form 3A(Marriage Available)
  • Issuance of Certified Photocopy of Civil Registry Documents
  • Endorsements of Civil Registry Records to the Office of the    Civil Registrar- General


Frontline Services


Total Response

1. Registration of Birth of a child

1 hour

2. Registration of death/fetal Death

50 minutes

3. Registration of Marriage

43 minutes

4. Delayed Registration of Civil Registry Records

50 minutes

5. Registration of Legal Instrument

55 minutes

6. Registration of Curt Orders

1 hour

7. Application for Marriage License

1 hour

8. Issuance of Certification or Certified Copy of Birth, Death and other Civil Registry Documents

40 minutes

9. Endorsement of Civil Registry Records

47 minutes

10. Filing Petition for Change of First Name (CFN)

2 hours and 47 minutes

11. Application for Legitimation of Natural Child

1 hour