Residents of San Jose recently praise Mayor Antonio B. Chavez for initiating his bold and pro-poor “Libreng Serbisyo Program” that takes care of the needs of his constituents in times of great needs and emergencies.

Among the pro-poor program of the local government include scholarship grants for the poor but deserving high school and college students; free cap and toga for all graduating students in elementary and high school; free use of ambulance in ferrying patients to and from the hospital here to Naga City; free ultrasound scanning, blood chemistry examination, and ECG test done at the San Jose Diagnostic Center. Free services also are given thru the San Jose Lying-in Centers at the Municipal Health Office (MHO) and in Barangay Salogon. The MHO also provides free anti-rabies vaccines for those bitten by dog or cat.

Likewise under the same program, a number of marginal fishermen were provided with fishing banca (sibid-sibid) while the padyak drivers were also given pedaled tricycles (locally called padyak) and wean them from paying boundary payments to padyak owners. On the other hand, the senior citizens were not left out of the program as the Mayor’s office has been gift-giving birthday cakes to them. Besides, the LGU owned three videoke machines that can be used for free during wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and other personal events of the San Jose residents requesting it. Moreover, free funeral services are also provided for all deceased that unburden the bereaved families from paying off the coffin and embalming services.

A few of the recipients had their positive feedbacks about the program of the local government unit under the administration of Mayor Antonio B. Chavez: A certain Mamay Lagring (true name withheld), a fish vendor, in an interview said that when her son was admitted at the Partido District Hospital and she had no money to pay the bills, one of the attendants of the hospital advised her to seek help and assistance at the Office of the Mayor and that she did. She was immediately attended to personally by Mayor Chavez. She said that she would forever remember Mayor Chavez for the kindness and care for her son. They eventually went out of the hospital without paying a single amount.

May Dinah (true name withheld) confess that she had been living in fear of the dreaded disease—diabetes—and because of the high cost of blood chemistry examination which she could not afford; she preferred to keep it to herself. But when she heard about the free services of the San Jose Diagnostic Center, she decided to avail for it and at the instance; she immediately obtained the result of her free examination stating that her “fasting blood sugar” or FBS was normal. Now, she is calmer and relaxer knowing that she is not afflicted with the disease. She proudly expresses her gratitude to Mayor Chavez because of his commitment to the “Libreng Serbisyo Program” which she believes is truly a genuine and unselfish public service.