CCTV cam

Business establishments, health and financial institutions will soon be required to install, operate and maintain video surveillance and monitoring system inside and/or outside their immediate vicinity once the ordinance that will sanction its implementation will be passed by the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of San Jose.

It was one of the executive agenda of Mayor Antonio B. Chavez who introduced this idea in a huddle with the Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety, Honorable Julian B. Bausa and other Municipal Councilors before he delivered his State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) last July 28, 2014.

Though the Mayor just passively mentioned it in his speech, Vice Mayor Evelio Peña reacting to said pronouncement reportedly called a conference with the members of the Sangguniang Bayan and directed the Committee on Public Safety to conduct a public hearing to tackle the said proposition.

On September 29, 2014, the Committee conducted a public hearing on the proposition that business establishments, health and financial institutions operating within the municipality to install, operate and maintain video surveillance and monitoring system at their respective vicinities purposely for the security and safety of their businesses and to prevent intrusions from criminals and other lawless elements. The proposition gained a positive feedback from the business owners and guests present during the public hearing.

Meanwhile, Mayor Chavez happily expressed his great appreciation to such an immediate action coming from the Sangguniang Bayan. He especially commends Vice Mayor Peña for such an immediate action of his request. He said that the idea of this ordinance is to prevent untoward incidents in the future that may cost lives and loses of properties just like the unusual incidents happening all over country where crimes and criminality are taking place at its highest toll more particularly in the metropolis areas.