Mayor Tony Chavez recently announced that the local government through the Rural Health Unit of San Jose will hold the “Buntis” Congress on September 8, 2016 (Thursday) to be held inside the San Jose Cultural and Sports Complex. He said that barangay officials were already tapped to list down all pregnant women in their respective barangays for submission to his office and consequently invited them to attend.

In relation this advocacy, the Department of Health recently launched its “First 1000 days of Life” advocacy which merely defined the life of the baby from conception until the second year. This would encourage pregnant women to be more conscious about their conception up to the first trimester of their pregnancy, as a concomitant outset of the fact that many of these pregnant women were observed to be lesser conscious about their conception as can be indicated by fewer women seeking for prenatal checkup and few also are delivering at the existing birthing facilities already established in the town.

The “Buntis” Congress has been a part of the High-Impact Five Breakthrough Strategies or commonly known as HI5 of the Department of Health which aims to decrease Maternal Neonatal and Infant morbidity and mortality among mother and child as well as prevent sexually transmitted disease. The Congress intends to provide health education intended to provide health education to pregnant women regarding primary areas of Maternal and Child Health Care, thus expanding their health consciousness and awareness.

In the meantime, as part of the intensified effort on information dissemination, the local government unit of San Jose through its Rural Health Unit (RHU) conceptualized its own initiative to gather all pregnant women from all over the municipality to be dubbed as “Buntis Congress 2016” which is first of its kind in Partido District with the following goals and objectives: (1) increase awareness among pregnant women; (2) promote collaboration among various stakeholders in partnership with the Department of Health and local government units; (3) advocate the increase of investment in nutrition.

These were corroborated by Dr. Arnel P. Armea, the Municipal Health Officer by saying that the major objective of the said Congress is solely for the purpose of improving the delivery of quality health services and strengthen further its advocacy by promoting further awareness for all expecting mothers and strengthen them through teaching and educating them with maternal child health package.

Meanwhile, the goal of the Population Commission (POPC0M) is to encourage every pregnancy planned and wanted as it would play a very vital role in putting value on the very first day of the child and imply as much support between husband and wife.

As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” commonly applied to everything that has beginning and end. To live life is the most valuable journey that we could undertake to sum up the meaning of everything about us. Hence, living has to be given closer attention at the very beginning of life even at the very first heartbeat of a fetus inside the womb upon fertilization and implantation.