The Local Government Unit of San Jose under the administration of Mayor Antonio B. Chavez conducted a Two-Day Seminar/Workshop on the Localization of the Magna Carta of Women Cum Formulation of Barangay GAD Plan and Budget held at Port Alfred Hotel and Resort, San Jose, Camarines Sur on February 23-24, 2017. They participate in the realization of GAD (Gender and Development) objectives which are: To sharpen the focus of development on people; Enhance the capacities of women and men to contribute to the attainment of development goals; Reduce social inequities that stem from unequal gender relations.

Accordingly, Ms. Ma, Teresa D. Olos, LGOO VI, Cluster Head-Cluster IV discussed the GAD Basic Concepts and Principles (What is Gender and Development Gender and Sex Roles). Another topic for GAD Concepts (Legal Mandates, Salient Features of Magna Carta of Women) was discussed by DIR. Melody E. Relucio, CESE, DILG Provincial Director.

The afternoon session covered the topic for Institutionalizing Mechanism in Mainstreaming Gender in Local Governance (Creation/ Strengthening of GAD Focal Point System, Roles and Responsibilities of the GFPS Executive Committee & Technical Working Group, and Gender Analysis.) which was tackled by Mr. Joel A. Panga Jr., LGOO V, Goa, Camarines Sur while Ms. Kathlyn B. Lopez, LGOO V, Provincial GAD Focal Person talked about Mainstreaming Gender Perspectives in Local Development Plans; Tools on Gender Analysis (Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines); and GAD Database.

During the second day, Ms. Olos gave another talk regarding the Overview of JMC 2016-01 (Amendments to PCW-DILG-DBM-NEDA JMC No. 2013-01: Guidelines in the Localization of the Magna Carta of Women) which covers the following: Attribution to the GAD Budget; Schedule in GAD Planning & Budgeting; Submission, Review & Endorsement of LGU GAD Plan & Budget; Preparation & Submission of LGU GAD Accomplishment Report; Monitoring & Evaluating the Implementation of the Magna Carta of Women; 5% GAD Budget Policy; and P/P As to be funded & What Cannot be Funded by 5% GAD Budget. Afterwhich, Engr. Jose Chito C. Milante, Municipal Planning and Development Officer, LGU San Jose presented the LGU-GAD Priorities.

The seminar ended with a workshop which is the Preparation of GAD Plan & Budget Presentation of Outputs/ Critiquing Synthesis facilitated by Ms. Ma. Teresa D. Olos.