The Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur thru the management of Governor Migz Villafuerte in cooperation with the Local Government Unit of San Jose under the administration of Mayor Antonio B. Chavez thru the Municipal Agriculture Office distributed palay seeds for the devastated farms in the different barangays of San Jose on January 24, 2017.

The totally damaged farms from different barangays caused by Typhoon Nina were validated by Municipal Agriculture Technicians having respective barangay assignments, namely: Ms. Shiena Biando: Camagong (22), Palale (41), Tominawog (23), Sta. Cruz (20); Ms. Ira Rivero: Bagacay (20), Catalotoan (12), Calalahan (25), Mampirao (29); Ms. Grace San Telices: Tagas (25), Salogon (25), Calawit (7), Ponglon (20); Mr. Jose Pollero: Manzana (35), Minoro (35), Kinalansan (31); Mr. Edgar Pena: Telegrafo (21), Tambangan (22), Danlog (31), Pugay (26), Del Carmen (3); and Mr. J’vici Valencia: Boclod (30), San Antonio (8), Bahay (8), Soledad. A total of 519 farmers from different barangays were the recipient of the Seed Distribution.

LGU-San Jose received a total of 450 sacks of full-sacked palay seeds which were given to damaged farm measuring 1 hectare and above, while 71 sacks of half-sacked seeds for farm less than 1 hectare. Other sacks of palay seeds were already distributed to some farmers during food packs distribution at Sabang, San Jose. The remaining sacks delivered to MA Office from Grain Center were claimed by the farmers also included in the list of beneficiaries.

There were two varieties of palay seeds given specifically NSIC-RC216 (Tubigan 17) and NSIC-222 (Tubigan 18). The farmer mostly gets a harvest of 6.1-9.7 ton/hectare, 96 cm height and 112 days maturity using lipat-tanim method while using sabog-tanim. It gets 5.7-9.3 ton/hectare harvest, 92 cm height and 104 days of maturity. This variety produces 69.2% of rice. On the other hand, the second variety yields 6.1-10 ton/hectare, 101 cm height and matures within 114 days by means of lipat-tanim method while using sabog-tanim. It gets 5.7-7.9 ton/hectare harvest, 98cm height, 106 days of maturity and produces 68.5% rice.

The said program gave assistance to farmsteads which were washed-out during the typhoon Nina including tillering and newly planted seeds that serves as main source of livelihood to most of the residents in San Jose.