The Local Government Unit of San Jose under the administration of Mayor Antonio B. Chavez conducted the 4-day Training on Basic Course of Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) thru the Municipal Health Unit headed by Dr. Arnel P. Armea, Municipal Health Officer last March 7-10, 2017 at Green Lodge Restaurant, San Juan, San Jose, Camarines Sur.

The first day of the course started with a proper program through an opening prayer and singing of the Philippine National Anthem, followed by the introduction of the participants and guests. Mayor Antonio B. Chavez gave a welcome remarks to the participants motivating them to be more active in the programs pertaining to Health and Nutrition. After which the participants introduced themselves in order to get to know each other and they were tasked to leveling of expectations. Dr. Armea did the organization of Host team and the participants were given a pre-test to evaluate their knowledge regarding their roles, and also gave the Overview of the Training Course. The Guidelines in conducting training and the Supervision and Monitoring of BNS were presented while having their nutrition snacks.

The Module 1 was presented in the afternoon by Ms. Cathy Austria covering 4 sessions namely: Legal Mandates and Rationale of the BNS; Selection, Recruitment, Benefits and Incentives of a BNS; Roles and Function of a BNS; and Core Values of a BNS respectively.

Day 2 covered the topic on Basic Concept on Food and Nutrition; Developing Skills of the BNS; Documentation, Reporting, Writing and Record Keeping. In the afternoon, Ms. Cathy Austria talked about Situating the Barangay Program in the Local Development System and The Barangay Nutrition Program in the Local Development System; while Ms. Regie M. Sanchez, MNAO, LGU San Jose presented the BNS in Action.

During the third day, they conducted workshops on the Problem Free Formulation and Formulating the BNAP after which a presentation of the Overview of WHO-CCS/Growth Chart (Measuring a Child), and another workshop on the Ranking of Projects. Several topics were still discussed in the afternoon covering Nutrition during Pregnancy; Nutrition in the First Two Years of Life; Basic Course for BNS, a Synthesis; Overview of PIMAM and Malnutrition Program, Guidelines, Roles and Responsibilities; Identification of SAM; Community Mobilization; and Managing and Organizing a Program in LGU Logistics, supply and Management.

On the 4th Day, they discussed the Supplementary Inputs; Pathology of Malnutrition among Children; Why PIMAM Works; Outpatient Therapeutic Care-OTC; Exercise OTC Admission; ITC; Supplementary Inputs, Proper Inform and Young Child Feeding; and Communication and Counseling. The training ended up with a Gray Activity Role Play.