The local government unit (LGU) of San Jose is pushing strongly for a “zero maternal and neo-natal mortality” as part of its intensive Health Care Program, Mayor Antonio B. Chavez said.

He stressed that to achieve this objective, two Lying-in Centers, one located behind the municipal hall at the Poblacion and another in barangay Salogon, were opened purposely to serve the maternal needs of all pregnant women in town.

According to him, the two clinics are offering free services to all pregnant mothers and giving out among others the following: Prenatal consultation, Tetanus Toxoid Immunization of mothers, Normal deliveries, Newborn screening, Postnatal care, and Information Education campaign on Family Planning.

Mayor Chavez added that infant deliveries at the Lying-In Centers are free of all charges for all legitimate residents only of this town, who at the same time will also receive “Delivery Kit” consisting of the following medicines and/or instruments for the care of their newly-born babies: Chromic 2.0, Cord Clamp, Gloves S-7, Os 4×4, Syringe 3CC, Methergin Amp, Oxytocin Amp, Konakion Amp, Adult Diaper, Newborn Diaper, Alcohol, Baby Oil, Cotton, Baby Soap and Povidine Iodine l5ml.

Meanwhile, he also announced the services also being offered by the San Jose Diagnostic Center for all San Jose residents particularly the senior citizens, poor and needy residents who could not even afford to pay health care check-ups that include ultrasound, blood chemistry, and ECG examinations, which can be availed at said Center for free.