The Municipality of San Jose is a place where the SUN RISES and the world-famous Blue Marlin (MALASUGUI) abound.

Founded in 1813, through a collaborative effort by and between civil and religious leaders, the town is now known as the rice granary in the 4th district of Camarines Sur and emerging as the most dynamic, progressive and vibrant  municipality in Partido area. The people’s religiousness has made the town known as a model of Faith, Hope and Love. (Modelo nin Pagtubod Paglaom asin Pagkamoot)

The municipality shelters  some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bicol region such as Underwater Adventure, Water Sports, Mountain Climbing/Trekking, Cave Adventure Fish Catching, Religious Festival and some other amazing sites built during the Spanish – colonial period.  Its serene and tranquil surrounding makes San Jose a perfect place to Acquire, Build and Construct a home for your cherished family.

Testament to its excellent governance following the tenets of transparency, accountability and peoples participation the municipality has earned some of the most coveted recognitions; Top Performer on Economic Enterprises  among the 4th class  municipalities  in the Bicol Region, the Seal of Good House Keeping, the SANDUGO Outstanding Local Government Unit and the Golden Award for Business Friendly Municipality.

It is my pleasure to WELCOME everyone as you unload your curiosity on the places magically created by the Almighty and fantastically harnessed by San Josean’s human hands and important facts about our town where the SUN STARTS TO RISE.