Mayor Antonio B. Chavez of LGU-San Jose just recently announced that the San Jose Diagnostic Center is now offering the free X-ray service for all legitimate residents of San Jose who wants to avail of its service. This is an addition to the other free services that the diagnostic center has been giving. The schedule for such free service will be on Tuesdays and Fridays of the week.

He said that the present X-ray machine is a high-voltage device noted to have the highest level of capacity from its tube-current adjustment of 10 milli-amperes to as high as more than 500 milli-amperes but with lesser radiation exposure on the part of the patient; therefore, it has the high probability of detecting the smallest particle of alien object or defect inside the body of an individual from head to foot.

Mayor Chavez said that the diagnostic center has this latest modern X-ray machine incomparably different from the X-ray equipment owned by both public and private hospitals or medical establishments existing in Partido area. He further said that the machine is a high frequency radiography X-ray system equipped with Microprocessor Control Digital Display and Manual Anatomical Programmable Radiography which eventually facilitate accurate result.

In the meantime, the free X-ray service initially had three patients, namely: Erwin Amaro of Brgy. Del Carmen for chest x-ray; husband and wife, Anthony and Elsie Rodriguez, both of Brgy. Soledad who were believed to have suffered bone fractures on their right legs as an aftermath of a vehicular accident. They were the first three patients to have been served.

According to the Municipal Physician, Dr. Arnel Armea, and Mr. Rosmar Formalejo, the Municipal Medical Technologist, the following radiologic procedures can be done on the following parts or views of the body:

a) Head – skull (2 view), skull (2 views AP/Lateral), mastoid (3 views), optic foramen (L&R), paranasal-sinus (2 views), paranasal (3 views), orbit (2 views), maxilla (2 views), nasal bone (2 views), temporo mandibular, joint mandible (1 view), mandible, zygoma (1 view), basal views and towne’s;

b) Neck – nect (soft tissue-2 views), foreign body (2 views);

c) Thoaracic Contents – chest (3 views-adult), chest (2 views-pedia), esophagopraphy (2 views), cardiac series (3 views), apico-lord/conedown view, thoaracic cage;

d) Vertebral column – cervical (4 views), cervical (2 views), thoracic spine (1 view), lumbo-sacral (2 views), sacrum or coccyx, lumbo-sacral (4 views), and scolosis series (3 views);

e) Abdomen – plain abdomen (1 view), plain abdomen (2 views-AP/Lateral);

f) Digestive Tract – gastro intestinal series, barium enema, oral cholography, oral-chole-gi, small intestine series, intra op-cholongrogram, T-tube cholangiogram, percutaneous, transhephatic chola;

g) Urinary Tract – KUB, IVP, and Cycto-RGP

h) Obstetrical Procedure – fetography (1 view), pelvimetry (1 view), hysteron-salphing;

i)Skeletal Procedures – shoulder joint (AP), humerous (2 views-AP/Lateral), elbow joint (AP-Lateral), forearm (AP-Lateral), wrist (AP-Lateral), hands (AP-Oblique), pelvis (AP-Lateral), hip-joint (AP-Lateral), femur (AP-Lateral), knee joint (AP-Lateral), ankle joint (AP-Lateral), oscalsis (AP-Lateral), foot (AP-Lateral), clavicle (1 view), scapula (2 views), sternum (2 views), leg (AP-Lateral);

j) Skull Procedures – carotid artheriography, sialography, and pnuemo encephalography.

Residents of San Jose are on top of priority to avail of the said service. However, there is no pronouncement just as yet about some questions of whether those who are not legitimate residents can avail of the service but of course for a fee. These matters are yet to be resolved by the Sangguniang Bayan of San Jose.

The Mayor said there will be appropriate announcements that will be made in the later time right after the Sangguniang Bayan have already taken action over the said circumstances and resolved it accordingly.