To effectively implement the necessary elements to good local governance which are: strategic leadership; participatory governance and convergence, the Department of the Interior and Local Government thru Local Government Operations Office-San Jose conducted the Comprehensive Development Planning and Executive Legislative Agenda Formulation Seminar/ Workshop last November 28-30, 2016 at Port Alfred Resort & Hotel in Talisay, Dolo, San Jose, Camarines Sur.

The said seminar-workshop generally aims to effectively contribute in the formulation of the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA), a plan that embodies the strategic directions of the Municipality of San Jose during the term of office of its elected officials. It visions the participants to understand and know the process and steps in formulating CDP and ELA and also to formulate a DRR and CCA-responsive Comprehensive Development Plan and Executive-Legislative Agenda.

CDP and ELA training further intend the participants who were the Local Chief Executive; Municipal Vice-Mayor and Members of the Sangguniang Bayan; All Department Heads; and NGA, NGO/PO and LIGA Representatives to set their performance targets and encourage collaboration between the executive and legislative department. It also allows elected officials to present and articulate their political agenda and create opportunities for the community to give feedback and voice out their issues and concerns to the LGU and the LCE in particular.

Lecture-Discussion coupled with workshops was predominantly employed considering the short duration of the 3-day activity which consisted of six sessions namely: Understanding the Current Situation and Realities; Quick Review of Concepts and Processes; Looking Beyond…Today; Accepting the Challenges and Taking Actions; Achieving Synergy; and The Next Critical Steps. These were discussed and facilitated by DILG Personnels: PD Melody Relucio, CH Ma. Thera Olos, LGCOV Jonathan Ofalsa, LGCOV Honesto Quiogue; LGO II-OIC Angeline Priolo, LGCO II Katherine Jane Gonzales and LGCO V Leandro Gigantoca respectively.

Structured Learning Exercises (SLE) and other Team Building activities were also utilized to promote active participation and cohesiveness of the group. Most important part was the open forum that addressed all the questions of the participants and provided clarification on issues related to the formulation of the ELA.

The training will cover 5-years period to expect outputs in terms of Vision Statement (Outward-Looking; Inward-Looking); VRG Gaps; Sectoral Goals; LGU Options; List of Priority and Urgent Programs and Projects; List of Priority Legislative Measures; HR/ Capacity Development Agenda; Sectoral Development Plan (CDP); and Draft Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA).