Mayor Antonio B. Chavez recently approved one of the 2015 cultural-tourism projects dubbed as “Ang Bagong Champion.” The project now in season 2 will showcase young and adult talents in both amateur singing and dancing competitions. It reportedly attracted a good following from the general public after it was first successfully held last year.

The amateur singing contest has two categories: Children and Adult. For the children category, the participants must be 6-14 years old and residents of San Jose only; while the adults must be 15 years old and above residing within the province. On the other hand, the group dance competition will be open to all dance skills and talents irrespective of residence and age. The group must be composed of 5 to 10 members only.

The competitions will start on February 7, 2015, 7:00 PM and every Saturday thereafter until the month of May at the San Jose Plaza in front of the Municipal Hall. Both winners and non-winners will receive cash prizes. Accordingly, the finals of the competitions will be showcased during one of the San Jose Town Fiesta activities.

Mayor Chavez said that the project is part of his Socio-Cultural and Tourism Program that would sustain both public information and wholesome entertainment aside from giving opportunities and chances also for local talents to showcase their inherent skills and rehash their abilities for music and dancing. Likewise, it would certainly give the local small-scale businesses to thrive for good enterprising opportunities.

Mayor Chavez also believes that this project will certainly attract the attention of the youth to get away from engaging in prohibited drugs and vices, and instead engage themselves into a more useful and sustainable entertainment activities.