The Municipal Agriculture Office shall promote sustainable agriculture and fisheries development by way of application of environmental friendly technologies and approaches which contribute to enhance productivity and increase the income of farmers and fishermen. It shall also maximize farm utilization and cropping intensity through crop diversification and other farming systems that can spur sustainable economic growth. This is relentlessly pursued to achieve the goal of the municipality in curbing malnutrition, reduce poverty and generation of production opportunities for entire citizenry.


A vibrant peaceful and progressive community which does profitable business out of agricultural characterized by sustained economic growth, organized and self-reliant farmers and fisher folks.


  • Provision of Post-harvest facilities
  • Provision of Technical Assistance on rice production (Plant Care and Management, Pest & Disease Management, Weed Management, Post-harvest Management)and Marketing
  • Provision of Technical Assistance to Cooperatives
  • Information Dissemination & Consultation on the conduct of soil sampling and analysis.
  • Conduct training on Integrated Pest Management Farmer Field School (IPM-FFS) for Rice.
  • Conduct Demonstration and training for Rice Program.
  • Conduct consultation meeting with farmers on Crop Production, Care, Pest Management and Production Fisher folks.
  • Providing Animal Health Care Services to Poultry and Livestock.
  • Accessing Rabies Vaccination Services.
  • Technical Assistance to High Value Commercial crops Farmers of the LGU.
  • Updating of High Value Commercial Crops Farmers profile in the Municipality.
  • Distribution of Agricultural inputs assistance for HVCC farmers coming from DA-RFU, LGU, and other funding institutions.


Forthcoming Activities

  • Initiate/ continue profiling farmers
  • Prepare municipal fertility map
  • Organize/sustain NGO/ Farmers Association/Coop.
  • Information campaign on control/reduction burning of farm waste
    • (E.g. rice straw, corn cobs, husk, stalks and other biodegradable farm waste)
  • Conduct Seminar on Global Warming Climate Change Adaptation
  • Conduct one Farmer Field School on IPM for Corn at Brgy. Minoro