In a meeting held at the San Jose Cultural and Sports Complex participated by the members of the Senior Citizens (SC) of San Jose, Mayor Tony Chavez warned that if conflict between the officers of SC federation and OSCA continue to prevail, he is more inclined to conduct a snap election for the whole membership of the senior citizens (SC) of his town.

According to discreet investigations conducted by his office, it appears that the primary cause of squabbles between officers and some disgruntled members of the SC particularly those who are members of the SC Federation is that the latter has been collecting membership contributions amounting to the tune of ₱250.00 reportedly for its operational expenses which becomes now the focus of the issues and controversies. The problem further aggravated when another SC organization emerged, the New San Jose Elders League, which is now competing attention from the senior citizens with the Municipal Federation of Senior Citizens Affairs that contributed further confusions among senior citizens of San Jose.


Just recently one of the officers of the federation reportedly sought the assistance of the Office of the Mayor because as an elected president of the association, he was not allowed to represent or attend meetings for no apparent reasons. Accordingly, a complaint is about to be lodged against the present set of officers of the SC federation and that they demand the return or reimbursements of their contributions.

Mayor ABC frankly promised to the members of the SC that if these issues persist, he would soon initiate the conduct of a snap election purposely to unify again the confused and divided members of the SC. Thus, he calls for the resignation of all officers of both organizations particularly those who are involved in the said controversy. He believes that this would settle all issues once and for all; and to be fair and just to all senior citizens of the town.