A total of 674 pupils from 27 participating daycare centers in the Municipality of San Jose graduated during the 32nd Mass Recognition held last March 17 this year. There were two ceremonies held. One in the morning with 325 graduates and in the afternoon with 349 graduates. This was so due to a large number of pupils involved, Mrs. Noeca P. Villegas, DCW Federation President explained.

Mrs. Villegas further said that these pupils were provided with free hats and toga from Mayor Chavez, thus, the parents were actually freed from additional expenses of renting the toga.

Meanwhile, Municipal Mayor Antonio B. Chavez was the guest speaker for the two ceremonies together with other invited guests, Mrs. Helen J. Mendoza, MSWDO and Municipal Councilor Virgilio Panuelos. In his speech, Mayor Chavez emphasized to the parents the importance of helping to nurture the child about education. He expressed his vision of a child who would standout among them to be one of the leaders in the future. No matter how hard life is, he stressed, parents should strive to continue sending their children to school and when necessary, seek the help and assistance from their local government when hard times really compelled them to do.