The entry of a registered fisherman, Gavino Villegas, of two giant squids weighing 29.5 kgs. won first prize of ₱5,000 during the fishing competition held at the San Jose Port, San Jose, Camarines Sur last Sunday, May 17, 2015. The third giant squid caught by Ronald Purcel weighed 13 kgs.

Villegas of Brgy. Tagas was followed by Jayson Tarvina who won ₱4,000 for the second prize and Joseph Delfino, ₱3,000 for the third prize, both of Brgy. Sabang .

Consolation prizes of ₱500 each were given to Ronald Purcel, Crisanto Bermas, Rommel Bagobo and Marcelo Pano Jr. Likewise, incentive money in the amount of ₱300 each was given to 26 other registered fisherfolks, namely: Joseph Autor, Felbert Pasuco, Erwin Villareal, Jojo Paga, Edgar Abragan, Roweno Bazar, Joel Autor, Josie Dialogo, Dominador Pajalla, Robertson Capuno, Resty Paga, Gabriel Toledo, Domingo Autor, Rey Paga, Arnel Elon, Roman Delfino, Romeo Popa, Jerry Señar, Richard Postrado, Rogelio Delfino, Diones Autor, Jovel Paga, Rogelio Paga Jr, Dennis Popa, Roque Toledo, and Ely Villareal.


Accordingly, the fishing competition has been one of the highlights done already by several years now to jibe with the celebration of the annual San Jose festivities. The criterion for judging was basically on point system. The competition started at around 6:00 in the morning and ended at 12:00 noon which begins and ends with a blast of a firecracker.

A lot of enthralled local spectators who were standing by at the portside and waiting for the fishermen to beach-land with their catch were overheard as saying that it was the first time that they saw giant squids caught in Lagonoy Gulf waters. Although some of the local folks said that they already saw giant squids sold before in Brgy. Sabang, however, this was not confirmed by local authorities in the said place.

The committee that manages the fishing competition was headed by Nida B. Peña with the Municipal Agriculture Office staff as members, namely: George Hufancia, Jose Pollero, Aira Tagle, Grace Santelices, Jvici Valencia and Edgar Peña. Mr. Adolfo C. Bruzo, the Municipal Agriculturist, as the Overall Chairman.

According to Mrs. Peña of MAO-San Jose, the town has a total of 71 officially registered fisher folks and 36 of which were official entrants of the said competition. She further said that registration of fisher folks is a continuing activity of their office and any fishermen who is a resident of San Jose can come to their office to register.

Moreover, simultaneous with the fishing competition is the fish cooking competition held at the ground of San Jose Municipal Plaza. Accordingly, the “Tuna Imbotido” entry of Merlina Paa of Brgy. Soledad won first prize of ₱3,000; followed by “Grilled Tuna with Cream Liver Sauce” of Mrs. Rosalyn B. Obias of Brgy. San Antonio for the second prize of ₱2,000; and “Tuna Steak” of Roberto Periera of Bilog-Palale for the third prize of ₱1,000. Likewise, consolation prize of ₱500 each was given to Cecilia Ramos of Salogon, Jocelyn Capuno of Sabang, and Chrizalde Bueza of Mampirao.