A total of 200 self-confessed drug users have surrendered last July 15, 2016 to PNP San Jose after Oplan Tokhang (Knock and Persuade) was implemented as part of President Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs, Police Senior Inspector Bernardo Salar PeƱero said. The success of the Oplan was initially the result of the close coordination between the police authorities and the barangay officials and in partnership with the local government unit of San Jose under the administration of Mayor Antonio B. Chavez.

Mayor Chavez said that the LGU is on Rapid Anti-Drug Campaign by actually offering rewards to whoever can pinpoint drug pushers/dealers, and users to the police authorities. It also intensified its anti-drug campaign using the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while posters will also be posted at the strategic areas in San Jose to keep the public informed.

Meanwhile, PSI Penero stressed that PNP San Jose started its Oplan Tokhang on the first day of July visiting and/or knocking houses of suspected drug personalities from the 29 barangays, accordingly advising them to submit or surrender directly to the police station or their respective barangay officials while there is still ample time for them to do so.

Earlier the police officers conducted dialogues with barangay officials on how to intensify the anti-drug campaign in their respective barangays and encourage them to undertake the initiative of talking with any identified or suspected drug pushers/dealers and users to reform or to stop using illegal drugs for their own welfare. So far, PSI Penero stressed that almost all of the barangays have already undertaken their own initiatives.

When asked about further action to be undertaken for those who surrendered, PSI Penero said that he will conduct 4-6 Saturdays of physical fitness activities that will eventually reduce the undesirable chemical component from the body of these drug users. Meanwhile, for those suspected drugs pushers/dealers and users who would not surrender, the PNP San Jose will be conducting a series of validation on the list of users and pushers, afterwhich they will sought the legal assistance of the Court for the issuances of search warrant and warrant of arrests. This will be conducted in accordance with the standard police procedures and rules of engagement.

Based on the records, barangay Pugay has the most number of drug pushers and users and the first barangay to have surrendered 20 drug users ages 15-18 years old was barangay Mampirao under the leadership of Punong Barangay Renato Luzada.

Accordingly, the self-confessed drug users took their oath on July 18, 2016 in the presence of Mayor Chavez and PSI Penero witnessed by PNP personnel and several visitors during the occasion.