The Municipality of San Jose and the Philippine Statistics Office through the local civil registrar recently held the Kasalang Bayan being conducted during the month February of every year at the San Jose Cultural and Sports Complex.

A total of 175 out of 189 cohabiting couples formally affirmed their marriage vows. The main sponsors were Governor Migz Villafuerte, Mayor Antonio B. Chavez, and Ms. Imelda Papin, Atty. Amador Simando as well as Municipal Councilors Julian Bausa, Raymund Pacamarra, Hassan Durante, Virgilio Panuelos, Manuel Chavez, Dr. Daniel Pervera, and Dr. Gemma Pacamarra, Roy Fernan Credo, and Ronel Milante, Municipal Civil Registrar Muriel L. Abragan said.

Mrs. Abragan stressed that the actual number of couples qualified for the mass wedding was 178; however, three (3) were not able to come for still unknown reasons. When asked about those who applied and disqualified, Mrs. Abragan answered that they were disqualified due to non-compliance with the requirements and some of them had previous marriages. Of these married couples, a pair from barangay Catalotoan was, the older couple who was identified as Domingo P. Pre, 74 years old and Elisa M. Clado, 69 years while four (4) pairs coming from barangays Danlog, Minoro, Salogon and Tambangan with ages 18-21 were among the young couples, she further said.


Accordingly, since 2011 up to this year, a total of 998 couples has already availed the free Kasalang Bayan, all of which Mayor Chavez stood as the main sponsor as well as the solemnizing officer. Eventually, this earns him the tag as the “Ninong ng Bayan” in San Jose.

The registration of the couples started at around 7:00 AM after which the processional followed by Mayor Chavez in the lead, followed by the Sangguniang Bayan members, Department Heads, guests and the couples and their sponsors. The welcome remark was delivered by Municipal Councilor Virgilio “Beyong” Panuelos and it was followed by the introduction of the guest speaker by Mrs. Abragan.

The guest speaker, Mr. Clemente S. Manaog of the Philippine Statistics Office based in Naga City, delivered his short message emphasizing the importance of marriage and how it could contribute to the overall picture of a progressive town like San Jose. He expressed his appreciation to the staff of the Local Civil Registrar for their consistent initiative, especially to Mayor Chavez for his continued conduct of the mass wedding.


Meanwhile, Ms. Imelda A. Papin, one of the main sponsors also congratulated the couples for their decisions to get married and wish them prosperity and happiness. At the last point of her message, she rendered a song while inviting the couples to do their prosperity dance. On the other hand, Governor Migz Villafuerte also delivered his short speech and announced that as a gift for the couples, he would be distributing a sack of rice for each couple and a thousand pesos in cash. At the end of the program, the couples were requested to come up the stage for a photo together with their main sponsors who lined up at the back of the seated married couples.